416. Pauli Paramagnetism of Stable Analogues of Pernigraniline Salt Featuring Ladder-Type Constitution
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414. Partially Solvated Dinuclear Ruthenium Compounds Bridged by Quinoxaline-Functionalized Ligands as Ru (II) Photocage Architectures for Low-Energy Light Absorption
Sayan Saha, Bruno Peña, Kim R Dunbar
Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58, 14568-14576.
413. Hexagonal Bipyramidal Dy (III) Complexes as a Structural Archetype for Single-Molecule Magnets
Jing Li, Silvia Gómez-Coca, Brian S Dolinar, Li Yang, Fei Yu, Ming Kong, Yi-Quan Zhang, You Song, Kim R Dunbar
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412. Direct Imaging of Isolated Single-Molecule Magnets in Metal–Organic Frameworks
Darpandeep Aulakh, Lingmei Liu, Juby R Varghese, Haomiao Xie, Timur Islamoglu, Kyle Duell, Chung-Wei Kung, Chia-En Hsiung, Yuxin Zhang, Riki J Drout, Omar K Farha, Kim R Dunbar, Yu Han, Mario Wriedt
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Michał Magott, Kim R Dunbar, Dawid Pinkowicz
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410. A Co 8 metallacycle stabilized by double anion–π interactions
Dimitris I Alexandropoulos, Brian S Dolinar, Haomiao Xie, Kuduva R Vignesh, Kim R Dunbar
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409. Switching on single-molecule magnet properties of homoleptic sandwich tris (pyrazolyl) borate dysprosium (iii) cations via intermolecular dipolar coupling
Dimitris I Alexandropoulos, Kuduva R Vignesh, Haomiao Xie, Kim R Dunbar
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408. Synthesis, Magnetic and Electrochemical Studies of Pentagonal Bipyramidal Metal Complexes of Fe, Co, Ni and Zn.
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407. A cyanide-bridged wheel featuring a seven-coordinate Mo(III) center
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Chem. Commun. 2019, 14, 2098-2101.
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